Solution wants to offer proactive solutions by thinking along with the customer, but also thinking in advance. By thinking beforehand, many problems are avoided and the execution is faster and more correct. We want to offer our customers peace of mind in the hectic world of events and booth building. We work on a correct price-quality ratio and like to build a long-term relationship with our customers.

First and foremost, Solution delivers

“peace of mind”


Solution offers marketing-support for trade shows, shop and office decoration, with emphasis on quality and peace of mind.

We offer a modular service because every customer is unique. We use various modules that apply to the customer. That is why each assignment is preceded by an introductory meeting where the necessary modules are determined.


Creation of the desired atmosphere and content.


How can we technically best realize this price-quality.

Translation of the concept into a concrete feasible and workable design.


Realization of the creative part in own workshop in combination with the print department, rental equipment etc.


Transport, assembly and disassembly, document handling.

Our customers