Rubens in private. The master portrays his family.

Client : Rubenshuis
Concept : Hendrik De Leeuw
Creative Force : Hendrik De Leeuw


From 28 March until 28 June 2015, the Rubens House in Antwerp is holding a unique exhibition on Peter Paul Rubens the portrait painter. The exhibition includes some 50 paintings and drawings from top-ranking museums around the world. Solution was asked to build the exhibition space, in close collaboration with scenographer Hendrik De Leeuw.

Job Description

In order to get the artwork properly presented, major technical issues needed to be overcome. Since wall space was limited, building additional sturdy walls was a must. The old windows of the ancient workshops were far from ideal for the air conditioning and the precious paintings needed as little as possible exposure to daylight . Covering the windows with temporary constructions, which were fitted with insulation material, took care of these three obstacles. Solution designed a suspension system for the walls in line with the existing interior, and the concept of Hendrik De Leeuw. The system and walls can be removed and replaced for future exhibitions at the Rubens House. Aside from the large constructions, Solution also made displays and a custom cassette for a double-sided artwork. As always, all graphics were produced at our own print department.