& Signage


Solution has invested in its printing and finishing division through the years. We have several large format printers, from UV to dye sublimation. This means we can print on just about any material available on the market. Having our own in-house printing division guarantees our customers the best quality within the shortest possible production delay.

Our design team creates high-impact large format looks and our prints are built to precisely match our exhibit hardware and to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. When you order your graphics from us, you’re sure to receive the best!

Our services include:

  • UV large form at printing up to 320cm wide, best for intense colours and sharp continuous tone images. All kinds of materials are printable, such as vinyl, textiles, photographic paper, canvas, outdoor banners, window film, etc.
  • CNC cut prints, any shape or form based on digital vector files.
  • Dye sublimation printing on high quality textiles, not only suited for our exhibit hardware but also for the production of personalised curtains, table cloths, flags, etc..
  • UV laminating to protect prints from damage and colour fading
  • Mounting of prints and vinyl on all kinds of rigid materials. Fabric finishing, such as Velcro stitching, eyelets, sleeves for flag poles…

We not only have our own printing department, but also the extensive high quality printing services of the worldwide Skyline network at (y)our disposal. So if you’re attending a tradeshow abroad, we can ensure that your visuals get printed locally with the same quality standards you’ve come to expect from us!