Cardiology stand

Client : Bayer
Concept : Solution nv
Creative Design : Solution nv


Create a clean and light booth that can be reused.

Job Description

We made a frame with modular aluminium bars as a base for the back wall. 4 lcd screens form a video wall. The frame is covered with white painted mdf panels to create a clean back wall. The frame of the side walls is made with the same modular aluminium bars. Translucent custom printed fabric is suspended from the frame. A reception desk with storage and a backlit plexi with the company’s logo is custom made. We also made a low table with a 3cm indentation in the top. Small samples and products can be placed in this indentation and a glass top covers and protects everything. Cube-formed foam seating is made in a custom colour. The front of the booth holds a large touch screen that shows a presentation.