The Birth of Capitalism

Client : Katoennatie
Concept : Bob Verhelst
Creative Force: Solution nv



Job Description

Solution was asked to create the custom furniture, prints and install all graphical elements, including extraordinary golden walls and custom printed floors, and install all technical elements. The latter included audio guides, video installations, cash registers, etc. Alongside paintings from renowned masters from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, several artifacts, utensils and other objects are being displayed. Solution created and installed socles, Plexiglass cases, and other displays to showcase each item. Besides producing all displays and furniture in our own workshop, Solution printed the entire graphic decorations. This included >500 m² printed floor, 400m² custom wall paper, and an enormous amount of vinyl lettering and cutout decorations. The lighting by the skilled hand of Chris Pype, Licht bvba, also added to the refined look and feel of the exhibition. website : – photos : ©photo luk monsaert