Reunion – From Metsys to Rubens

Client : de Kathedraal vzw
Concept : Solution nv
Creative Force  : Koen Van Synghel


Create, build and in­stall suit­able sup­ports for priceless mas­terpieces ex­hibi­tion in the An­twerp Cat­hedr­al.

Job Description

Pro­duc­tion of 8 meter high steel sup­ports, weigh­ing over 1000 kg each. Ex­ten­sive R&D of the Cat­hedr­al floor in order to pre­ser­ve the un­der­ly­ing cat­acombs. Cus­tom made wood­en co­unt­ers for broc­hures. In­stal­la­tion of tem­pera­ture and humid­ity sen­sors. Pro­duc­tion of large sunscreens for the cat­herd­al win­dows. Sig­nage and grap­hics pro­duc­tion for the en­tire ex­hibi­tion.